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Email invoice through Windows live mail

…sending an MYOB sales invoice via email. In the past it has automatically worked through windows live mail but doesnt want to do it anymore. I have tried to get help through MYOB help guide, bigpond and Windows but neither could provide asistance.Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!!!

Emailing from AccountRight Live

…a different MAPI compliant email and set that as the default email program ( I am running Windows 7). I have done this, but no luck - it is still picking up my personal email address, even with Pegasus Mail as the default program and their office address as the default email in Outlook. I even uninstalled…

Minimum Specifications

…later, Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro tablets (32-bit or 64-bit) are supported. Windows RT devices are not supported. Internet A high-speed broadband internet connection will be required for processing activation and confirmation of client data files. This will also be a requirement for accessing Live Services…

MAPI error

Hi all, I've just upgraded to Windows8 from XP on a new Dell PC and I'm running Windows Live Mail. I'm using Accounting Plus V.18 I'm getting a MAPI error message come up when I try to send an email (invoice or pay slip) from MYOB. I've just read on MYOB's site "The MAPI compliant email programs which…

Affixa with MYOB & Windows Live Mail

Windows Live Mail as my account for "Email on my computer" in the Affixa Options, have even tried turning off Windows Firewall & Kaspersky Anti-Virus. When I try& send an email via MYOB my Mail icon flashes as if it has a dialogue box for me to view (which it doesn't) & Affixa never quite gets the mail

Error sending invoices by email

…cancel it. Is there somewhere in myob that i need to set what email client i use? it's as though myob can't find outlook. The other pc is using Windows Live Mail and it worked fine after the upgrade.

Windows Live Sending from domain name address

…gmail or hotmail email up on Windows Live mail 2011 on my computer it only allows me to send from hotmail or gmail email addresss NOT my domain name email address (receiving is working fine). Any ideas? I really want to be able to check and send emails from Windows Live mail from my domain name email address…

Invoice E-mail error

Hi, I'm a new user of AccountRight 2014/3, and when I've tried to E-mail my 1st invoice, it came with the error message "Message was not sent". I'm using Windows Live Mail, and the MYOB invoice didn't appear to reach W L Mail. How do I fix this problem. Regards Jim

MAPI error with Windows 8

I have Widows 8 AccountRight v19 Windows Live Mail I understand MYOB only officially supports Outlook as a mail client, however I have not purchased Office complete with Outlook. If I have to I will, but thought I would ask if anyone had found a fix before I went out and did so. I was using Vista (ick…

RM V11 and Windows 7 / Windows Live Mail...

…Outlook) for nearly 10 years, I decided to upgradeto a new laptop (Windows 7 / Windows Live Mail)..... After reloading RM V11, I find I cannnot email invoices to my customers as I once could. It appears RM doesn't work with Windows Live Mail. Soooooo, I configure Outlook 2007 hoping this might solve the…

Emailing Customer Statements

Windows 7 Professional Windows Live Mail (set as my default mail client) MYOB Account Right Standard AU 2013 (freshly installed) I also use Mozilla Thunderbird as my main email client but this is not set as my default client and is not open when using MYOB. I can send emails quite happily with Windows