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Accounting PLus v 18 and Windows 8

I have a friend who has Accounting Plus version 18 and they have just had to purchase a new laptop as their one died. We tried to install Version 18 on their new Windows 8 machine, but it would not work properly. I subsequently found that it is not compatible with Windows 8. If we purchase AccountRight…

Client with old version of MYOB 18

…order for me to enter her data. The problem is she is using MYOB 18. I have only worked with clients who are up to date with MYOB software. I'm not sure what will happen if I open her file or try to open her file in a newer version of MYOB. Can anyone please help? Thanks

Accounting Plus v 18

I have MYOB Accounting version 18+ loaded on my computer however I am now in need of putting this onto my laptop and unfortunately I only have the disc for version 17 (obviously upgraded to 18 before my support ended),and after loading this on to my laptop it has told me I cannot open my myob file as…

Opening Upgraded Data File on Older Version of MYOB

…file and his AR Plus version 18 installation disk, and I have installed it on his computer. The difficulty I have is that I can't open his data file, as his version 18 had been upgraded to version 19 on the employee's laptop. Now, I know I can't open a version 19 file on version 18 software - but what…

Item field allows 30 characters displays 18 in item list window

…comments you would need a magnifying glass.. I received a response from Liam about later versions allowing you to resize the window. I am running AccountRight Premier v19.9 - is it possible to do this in this version and if so, how?

Receving emailed MYOB file in a different version....

Hi, If I receive an MYOB file from a client who is using say version 18, and I only have 18.5 and 19 - can I open their file and then return it back to them in version 18? Thanks in advance. Regards Hazel Assisting U Virtually

Upgrading from version 18 to 2013. Cannot Import Customised Forms

Hi I am helping a customer of mine upgrade from version 18 to Account Right Standard 2013. They have the subscription based system, but thought I would email in here first to see if anyone had a solution. The import of the company file works fine, however when I go to import the customised forms, they…

MYOB Version 18 Background

The background colour of MYOB Version 18 Background has changed to RED. Can you let me know how to change it back again. No other programs on the clienst computer have been affected. He believes that no other changes were made/ He works on a PC

recording a GST adjustment in MYOB Accounting version 18

Hi, I have picked up that a payment was made in December to which GST was assigned. In fact this payment should have had no GST. The amount is for $137.61. This will mean in the GST Return for that period, we would have claimed this GST amount back. How do I record this adjustment in MYOB so that…

Upgrade from 18 to 19.5

Hello - Having difficulty with the new 19.5 version. Have upgraded from 18 and every time I open the programme up again it says that it is unable to open file and it hasn't been upgraded to the new version. I then have to upgrade the programme. The issue is also that it 'wipes' my previous entry and…

MYOB Support Notes

…: 18/12/2013 * "Software Version is not what was expected" message This message will occur when the Payroll version that is being run is not the version registered with MYOB. To resolve this issue you will need to either: Contact MYOB to upgrade your software to the... ID: 22934 Date Updated: 18/12…

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