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MYOB Accounting Plus v18 Download

Hi There, I need to re-install my myob v18 onto a new pc, but I no longer have the installation cd. Can anyone please direct me to where I can get a copy of this version, or download it from. I still have my serial number if that helps. I don't have a support contract so I don't think the customer service…

Where can I download myob v18

Hi I have been using MYOB v18 for some years and it still works ok for me. Now the old computer I used to work on died and I have a new computer, but I can't find the cd of myob v18. I have company files in the dropbox, so they are ok. Does anyone know where I can download old version of MYOB. Thanks

Accounting v18

…new year, as I went to install myob on the new computer the disc is damaged beyond repair (yes I tried everything ). Is there any where that I can download a copy of this and use the serial & registration I already have, just like when you purchase online you can down load it many times, or so I read…

MYOB V18.5

Hi everyone, I need to download MYOB V18.5 - can anyone tell me where I can do this? Currently I have V18 and V19 but cannot seem to find anywhere I can download V18.5. I need to view and access my client's file but they are using 18.5. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks Hazel

Missing upgrade from V18.5 to V19 in my.myob

…Plus I ticked the box as online download, which meant I didnt receive the cd just downloaded online. Didn't really think that my pc would crash and would need to re install MYOB. I have re installed all disks upto V18.5 but all my data is V19 and my cds only go to V18.5 I logged into my.myob as I would…

Premier v18 Software

Hi - Im hoping someone can help me.... A client of mine has Premium v18, I am having no trouble downloading all of the latest versions, but am unsure of how to download an older version of any of the MYOB software... Could some one please point me in the right direction? Thanks Jacqui

Windows Closed MYOB Accounting v18 twice

Hi We recently upgraded to Windows 7. I checked the MYOB site for any patches or downloads in case it wasn't compatible. I don't use any of the listed areas recommended so I didn't upgrade/download from MYOB. Today Windows said I have an error and were sorry but they would have to close and shut me…

How to use v18 trial company file with v19 trial installation

…TAFE provided a v18 Accounting Standard company file created using the trial version of MYOB (no serial number). So I download and install the current trial MYOB s/w - v19 AR. Works fine for company files created directly in v19 (gives 90 trial period). However it puts the upgraded v18 file into read…

Upgrade from Accounting V18 to Account Right Basics

Hi. I have been using Accounting V18 and have just purchased Account Right Basics. I have installed Account Right Basics from the web download ok. When I go in to Account Right Basics and try to upgrade my Accounting V18 (.myo extension) it does not appear as it only has the option to show .dat extension…

Accounting Plus V18

I don't have a disc or download in my partner software showing version 18-where can I obtain it so that I can view a client's files?

Creating a Data Source Name (DSN) and test connection in ODBC Direct

…installed and working correctly, and * The data file you are connecting to has been registered for use with the ODBC driver. Download the TestConnection Utility a. Download the TestConnection.exe file to your desktop. The file is located at the bottom of this support note. b. Double-click to run the…

Moving company files between Windows and Mac

….SIT files on Windows and in turn restore .ZIP files on a Macintosh (see Notes below). This software can be downloaded from: Windows StuffIt Expander or Macintosh Stuffit Expander. Download and install the version that suits the operating system you are using. Notes: * Support for Stuffit Expander…

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