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Hi My question is - Union Fees paid for employees and recorded as a deduction in the payroll category listing, which then appear on their pay advice, do these also get recorded on the BAS statement under PAYG at any of the W codes ? Thank you


Good Morning, Is there a paycode to have union fee's deducted? Thanks Rose

How to record union fee paid in advance

Could anyone help me for this? We are paying union fee on behalf of some employees, and deduct from their wages by several periods later. I did try to put in the amount in "pay liabilities" , however it only let me to pay by period. How do I record the union fee paid for specific employee in advanced, rather…

Find out what amounts that need to be paid from employees deductions.

…understanding MYOB with payroll..But I need to know how and what report to run to find out what needs to be paid for the employees deductions. Union Fees Health Funds Savings Plan Do I have to bring up all different reports or can I gather all this in one report? Is it Payroll Summary? I have a text…

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While I might not be the country's biggest rugby fan, I was saddened to learn about the decision of the Otago Rugby Football Union to go into liquidation. With 2.2 million in debt, declining ticket sales and mounting player and stadium costs, it's probably not surprising the ORFU is in such a state

Problem about record the payroll information

…there is 2 days sick on 4 Aug and 5 Aug. She also starts salary sacrifice of superannuation of 150 per mth from Aug2011 Q2: How to enter the deduct union fee $55 per month; and also 10% of annual salary and this employee is Part time (3 days per week) and base salary $50000p.a? Q3: How to record the terminate…

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NZICA and ICAA members to vote on new institute

Payroll Deductions Appearing on wrong side of ledger

My three payroll deductions: Medical Fund, Union Fees and Additional Superannuation Contributions - are all appearing on the wrong side of the payroll ledger. I've set the first two up in the Deductions section of payroll categories and the second one in the Superannuation section. Where am I going…

Staff issues (HELP!)

…and treated as an offset? 3. Another question about payment summaries. Do certain deductions have to go on the payment summaries? We don't have union fees (which do) or many others, but there are a couple. For example, one employee gets child support deducted from his net after tax pay. Does this have…