Reversing A Payment

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How do I reverse a purchase that has been paid?

…attention I then reversed the payment and allocated it to other invoices. I now wish to delete the incorrect purchase but I am unable to. Even though I have reversed the payment, when trying to delete the purchase I am still getting the error message stating "a purchase with payments applied may not be…

Payment Reversal

I use V14 I have accidently applied a payment from a client to one with a similar name. Normally I could just delete it but I have done a reconciliation since doing it before I found out? How can I correct this??

Reversing electronic payment

…electronically paid a supplier, but used an out of date BSB and account number. I reversed the payment but it is now sitting in 'Prepare Electronic Payments' as a minus amount. What should I do now to remove the reversed amount from this section. Thanks Pam

How do you reverse a deposit transaction for a recorded purchase with a grey arrow beside it?

…as the account was reconciled for well over a year. The payment that has come up was paid on the 27/10/11 and from what I can see is a double payment from a different account. It only has come up in the last couple of weeks. I cannot reverse the deposit transaction for a recorded purchase and as the…

Reversal/cancellation of a payment

Hi, I was just wondering if someone could help me in regards to payment reversal/deleting. A cheque was issued to a supplier before the 30 June. The cheque was later stopped as it got lost in the mail, and payment was made by EFT in the next month to the supplier, less $30 cancellation fee incurred.…

Reversing A Payment

…could change the dates of the transactions. For the customer deposit, as it is still an order I could easily change the date. However for the other payment (the balance on the now closed invoice), MYOB is telling me "You may not delete a deposit transaction for a recorded sale". I have checked my security…

Reversal/cancellation of a payment

I sent an EFT to an incorrect bank account and the money was credited back to my account. I subsequently sent it to the correct account, but now out by that amount when reconciling. How can I rectify the problem - and I know it will be an easy fix....

Re: Delete or reverse a payment

…invoice totalled $141.11, and for some reason I receipted him as paying $142.14. I want to alter the amount that he paid, but I can't delete or reverse his payment. Any ideas?

Bungled reconciliation

reversed the Purchase Order, thinking I'd just re-enter everything.It was late. I was tired. THen it came up with the message about reversing the payment. When I went to reverse the payment, it of course came up with the "this account has been reconciled". "Doh". ......maybe if I reverse the payment

Deleting an invoice with part-payment made

…purchases that has had a part payment made against it. I want to delete this invoice but understand I cannot do this without first reversing the payment. I have attempted to reverse the payment, however still cannnot delete the invoice. I have reconciled the month where payment was made. Do I need to undo…

Reversing an order converted to bill with applied payment

payment applied while it was still an Purchase order. It was converted to a bill & I have been unable to delete it. A warning comes up saying you may not delete a transaction with an applied payment. I have since managed to reverse the bill so I have a credit but I have no idea how to reverse the payment