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unable to open an old file in my new version

I have used an old version of MYOB for a long time and have several companies. I have recently upgraded to a newer version and am unable to open any of these!!! Can anyone help me PLEASE????

Opening new file in old MYOB version.

Is it possible to open a file from the latest version of MYOB in an old version of MYOB?

Version 18.5 Accounting Plus Upgrade CD Required.

Have a new computer and have reinstalled Version 18 of Accounting Plus as this is the latest CD I have. The Upgrade to Version 18.5 was done as a download and I have found the old email however the link does not exist anymore. What is the quickest way to obtain the 18.5 update so I can again run my…

Upgrading from V17 to Latest Version

…order, from V17 32 bit transfer to the latest 64 bit version, or will I need to setup from scratch and carry over the closing balances from the old version as opening balances in the new version. One last question is what would be the recommended version to update to, Account Right Basics or Account Right…

Removing old versions of MYOB

On my 'C' drive I have the following folders MYOB 17 MYOB18 MYOB185 MYOBODBC MYOBODBCAU8 MYOBODBCAU9 MYOBODBCA10 AND PLUS19 Can I remove the old versions of MYOB? I await your response Cheers John E

How to get rid of an old overpayment by customer

Hi there, Using MYOB Accounting Version 17 ... I have an old overpayment ... approx 2 years old ... over $100 ... customer was intending on taking up the credit, but never did. I have regularly tried contacting them to no avail. I'm with a not-for-profit organisation and our committee has decided finally…

Upgrading from very old (MYOB Accounting for Windows V12) software to AccountRight Basics

…more aging version of MYOB which is used to run a small lawnmowing business. Without doing my homework first I purchased AccountRight Basics but have found upgrading my Company File to this new package is not going to plan. I have tried exporting from the old version but the new version requires fields…

Upgrading very old MYOB file

Hi, I would like to upgrade a very old Best!Ware MYOB .dat file to BusinessBasics2. The old version is 7.5.4 (circa 1997?). When I try to use the upgrade assistant nothing happens when I press the Next button. Any suggestions? Thank you

HELP - Problem Upgrading from old version to new version

Hi all, I have recently convinced my boss to upgrade his MYOB. He is using a very old version of MYOB - Version 6. He has insisted for years that it worked fine so why change. Now with the ability to work BAS and import bank statements I have convinced him to upgrade. I currently use V19 at home for…

installing old version on new computer

I have old version of MYOB and in won't install on my new computer , could it be that the processors on the computers are different?

Upgrading MYOB Plus11 (OLD, I know)

…transactions AND customers with no activity since 2007. If that is not possible can the customer upgrade to a newer version and will the new version convert the data from his OLD version. We are very sure the we are pushing the limits of the database since we are now at 30,000+ customers. We are in the…

Upgrading from more than one version up the list

Hi there, I have notice when a client is on a old version of MYOB i.e. 2013.5 and I need to upgrade to 2014.3 the upgrade process does not work. The screen prompts you to update either PC installer or Network Installer when you chose the correct option the screen disappears. The only way I have found…

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