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unable to open an old file in my new version

I have used an old version of MYOB for a long time and have several companies. I have recently upgraded to a newer version and am unable to open any of these!!! Can anyone help me PLEASE????

Deleting old versions MYOB

Hi I have upgraded to Version 14.2 MYOB Acountright. Should I delete versions 13 and 14.1 (all is backed up) - is that sensible and good practice? Thanks Sally

Removing old versions of MYOB

On my 'C' drive I have the following folders MYOB 17 MYOB18 MYOB185 MYOBODBC MYOBODBCAU8 MYOBODBCAU9 MYOBODBCA10 AND PLUS19 Can I remove the old versions of MYOB? I await your response Cheers John E

User Older MYOB Software? Check MYOB Sunset Products

Are you using an older version of MYOB software? Check to see if you are runnign a version which is still supported.

installing old version on new computer

I have old version of MYOB and in won't install on my new computer , could it be that the processors on the computers are different?

Uninstalling and reinstalling your software in Windows

…and Features. Windows XP: Click the Windows Start button and choose Add/Remove Programs. * Click the MYOB software version to be repaired then click Change. In some Windows versions this may appear as Change/Uninstall. The Setup window will be displayed. * Select the Repair option. * Click Next. *…

Opening old company file in newer version of MYOB

…however for one of my jobs is in Accout Right version 19.5. I really need to be able to work from home on the file and saved a copy of the file onto a USB stick. How can I open and work on the file in a newer version of MYOB. Can I download the 19.5 version online? Thanks for your help Tracey

Opening new file in old MYOB version.

Is it possible to open a file from the latest version of MYOB in an old version of MYOB?

New laptop, old version of MYOB, do I need to upgrade and how do I migrate the data

…running Windows 7. Our old laptop which we are still using at the moment is running MYOB Accounting v17 and we can't find the disc to install on the new laptop. From what I have read v17 won't run on Windows 7 anyway (is that correct?). What I'd like to know is 2 things: 1. What version do we need to purchase?…

Reading Files from Old Version of Account Edge

I have a very old version of MYOB Account Edge 3. It worked fine on Mac in Snow Leopard but when I upgraded to OSX 10.7 Lion I can no longer open my old files. I get a message that says MYOB won't work because the version I had was for PowerPC. I downloaded a trial version of the new MYOB basic but that…

HELP - Problem Upgrading from old version to new version

Hi all, I have recently convinced my boss to upgrade his MYOB. He is using a very old version of MYOB - Version 6. He has insisted for years that it worked fine so why change. Now with the ability to work BAS and import bank statements I have convinced him to upgrade. I currently use V19 at home for…

Removing old versions of MYOB

…the existing V19 ( to install the 2014 compliance update) we get get the message ' error reading setup initialization file'. We had several older versions of AccountRight on the same machine and these could be removed without any problem as you would expect.Obviously if you can't remove the existing…