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Upgrade from old MYOB Accounting to MYOB AccountRight Business Basics 2011

Hi all, Using the new AR 2011 infrustructure, is it possible to "upgrade' from old MYOB Accounting to MYOB AccountRight Business Basics 2011? Cecil

Upgrading ancient version of MYOB Business Basics

Hi, My dad is still using an ancient PC with Windows 98 operating system. He has been using MYOB Business Basics Version 1 (Release 6.2.0D) for approx 15 years on the abovementioned PC without issues or problems. He is not tech savvy and hence does not need online access or phone/tablet access to his…

MYOB Business Basics not displaying N-T general journal entries on GST detail report

…there, I have used higher versions of MYOB and the GST detail reports have always shown N-T tax coded general journal entries (important to show these in case they should infact be coded to GST). These entries are not showing in my GST detail report in Business basics. Help anyone please? Cheers

MYOB Business Basics

Hi there I own MYOB business basics and have been using it since April 2010 I have since found out that there is a new version called account right. How do you upgrade to this? I also have found out that I haven't signed up and paid for the $239 service? What is it and is it worth the money? When is…

MYOB Business Basics to MYOB V 19

I have been using Business Basics for about 4 years. I have now upgraded to MYOB V19. Can you accounts from July 2010 - to October 2010 be imported? Or do I have to re input them? Can the card list be imported? can the invoice set up be imported?

MYOB Business Basics and Updates

…confused. I have Business Basics. According to my software (Help - About -) I have Version 1.0 Release 6.o.oD) According to MYOB Download system (and staff) it tells me I have Version 1.1 according to my serial number Version 1.1 is compatible with Windows 7 I tried many times, based on MYOB's advice that…

MYOB AccountRight Basics

MYOB AccountRight Basics is easy-to-use business & accounting software for small or home-based Australian businesses

MYOB Business Basics still not working

Hi, I have been operating off Business Basics version 1 for the last 2 and a half years, and all of a sudden it has just stopped working. When I open MYOB it brings up the following error. BBasics.exe has stopped working A problem has caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close…

MYOB Business Basics - Giving customers a discount

Hi everyone I am a self-taught (Badly!) MYOB user so please excuse my ignorance! I am currently running a promotion where I am offering customers 10% off their purchases. How do you enter a discount in Business Basics? Previously, I have only had discounts of $10 off orders over $100 etc - in this case…

MYOB business basics date problem

My boss has purchased MYOB business basics and I notice that the date format is using the American style of month/date/year. Does anyone know how I can change this to the Australian format of date/month/year?

MYOB Business Basics and Mac OSX Lion

Hi, I've been keeping my accounts in MYOB Business Basics for many years now and the version I have (Release 6.3.00) has been running fine on my Mac all of this time. However I'm fairly certain that it is a PowerPC only app and therefore requires Rosetta to run, in which case it won't run under the…