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MYOB is New Zealand's most trusted provider of Accounting Software & payroll solutions for Kiwi businesses. Start your Free trial today or Call MYOB on 0508 328 283. *…

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MYOB lays out its plan for 2014, upping the ante with new products that covers a broad range of businesses


I upgraded MYOB from version 15 to 17. How can I change the serial no. ? thanks


Oh put it back, the way it was, oh put it back the way it was. The current version of MYOB is totally hopeless. Please put it back to version 18. The only new thing to keep is the calendar pop-up - which Quicken has had for at least 10 years!


…is full of bugs, not at all user fruendly. Three weeks ago after installing the installer it totally removed not only my data but the whole application. I have endured 4 years of this rubbish from MYOB and now I am done. Time to give up and use any of the competitors they couldnt be as bad as this.


I need to extract data from years from 2005 to 2010 , how can I do this , I cannot find back up disks Can some one help please Thanks Chandra

MYOB Online

Can MYOB online handle over 5000 stock codes / items?

MYOB Payments

Just needing a summary of the monthly payments to MYOB for the MYOB Essentials online service. Where can I find this? Anybody?


Really MYOB - telling us you are looking at the problem is NOT PROBLEM SOLVED!

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…time. Find out more about our story. * Executive Management Team - MYOB has a very strong leadership team with extensive experience. * MYOB * The MYOB Story * Executive Management * MYOB and the Cloud * Smarter Connections MYOB MYOB is a leading provider of business management solutions that have…

MYOB Essentials

How do I upload an existing MYOB 19.10 file to a client's new MYOB Essentials. Also the file is currently under my serial number. Does it also need to be transferred to the Clients serial number? Cheers Donna

MYOB Conference

At the MYOB Conference a presenter said it is possible to be a MYOB Atlas Partner. I cannot find how I can become one or any other info about it? Regards Stephen Blacktop