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Long Service Leave

I have one employee who has just completed 10 years service, and so qualifies for Long Service Leave. I have calculated her current entitlement, but can anyone tell me how the ongoing accrual should be calculated? Does the LSL continue to accrue every pay period, or is it an annual entitlement on each…

LSL Calculation Question

Hi, My question relates to the calculation of Long Service Leave for an employee. Basically, I would like for MYOB to keep a record of it for me but I'm having trouble working it all out as my brain is too small. The particulars are as follows: -Employee has been employed since 1st May 1996. -Business…

Setting up a Long Service Leave Accumulator

Long service leave requires three elements to be set up within your Payroll software: an Accumulator a Pay Code a Pay Default Setting up the Accumulator * Go to the Payroll menu and choose Maintain Accumulators. * Click New or press F4on your keyboard. The New Accumulator window is displayed. *…

how to calculate long service leave

Hi, can anybody help -  How to calculate long service leave (13 weeks after 10 years - payable on a pro-rate basic after 7 yrs employment. Thanks a lot

Long service leave

How do I set up long service leave I have 7/10 + 10/15 awards both wages and salary. All 38 hours. Do I need four links and do I attach an employee from the day they start unemployment or once they reach the 7 or 10 years.

Setting up LSL for existing employees.

…realised that LSL was never set up to accrue for employees. If I set up accrual of long service leave now will the accrual of LSL calculate from the date on the employees card file? and deduct any leave take. The leave taken has been set up correctly, so there is a recorded of LSL used. It is just that…

Annual leave, sick leave and long service leave records

How do we keep annual leave, sick leave and long service leave accruals using the MYOB Live system

Annual leave accruals when on Long Service Leave

…on long service leave, during this time of leave do they accrue annual leave / personal leave. FW Act describes annual leave accrual as being on ordinary hours worked, so when they are on LSL these are not ordinary hours worked. On the same point if the employee cashes out their long service leave (or…

Setting up an apprentice employee so hours are accumulated in Payroll

…others found helpful * Setting up an Accumulator in Payroll * Increasing an employee's normal hours part way through a year * Setting up a Long Service Leave Accumulator * Changing an employee's pay rate from hours to days, or days to hours * Payroll reports Share * Delicious * Digg * Facebook * Reddit…

Construction Industry Long Service Leave Scheme

Our company is in the construction sector and is required to register to My Leave to pay long service leave for our employees. Is there a way to record this payments in MYOB or do I need to manually calculate the amount and enter it to MYOB. Has anyone done this before? I am assuming this is a profit…

Long Sercice Leave

Hi, I would like to know how to calculate the percentage to be used for long service leave full time and part time employees. I checked Victoria LSL act 1992 and we are entitled to 1 week every 60 weeks. I would much appreciate your help in calculating the percentage that I should set up in entitlement…

Long Service leave - So confused

…this calculate correctly? I'm confused that according to NSW LSL rules "Long service leave is two months paid leave after ten years service with the same employer and one month paid leave for each additional five years service." She only worked 5 years... how can I calculate this LSL?? Thanks

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