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Windows couldn't start AccountRight library service on local computer. Error 1053

…accountright library services have not started on computer, I have follow instructions on this topic but when I press start on MYOB Accountright Library to start from service.msc this message come up" windows could not start MYOB Acountright LIbrary service on local computer. error 1053. the servic did not…

Library cannot be opened

…2013 (offline version) for a couple of months - no problems until now - I am getting this error message "the library could not be opened. Please check that the MYOB AccountRight Server Service is started". How do I do that? Any advice would be appreciated ..Thanks. Garry

AccountRight Server Locator service issues

…*Required Support notes others found helpful * AccountRight Library service issues * AccountRight Server service issues * AccountRight error code "CannotConnectToServerLocator" * Error 1053 when starting AccountRight services or "Library Service and Server Locator do not exist" * AccountRight error code…

Error 1053 when starting AccountRight services or "Library Service and Server Locator do not exist"

…required tasks. To overcome issues starting an AccountRight service, complete the following tasks: * Remove AccountRight services * Delete the 'Servers' folder * Perform a 'repair' installation of AccountRight Task 1: Remove AccountRight services * Open the Command Prompt window: If using Windows 8: Move…

AccountRight library service library error

I continue to get this error the AccountRight library service is needed while setting up..cannot set up?

Problems installing Accountright Plus on WIndows XP Service Pack 3

Looking for help with the install on an XP machine (Service PAck 3) Can not access My Library to set up company file Have attached error message. Any help would be appreciated. I can be contacted on mobile today 0438 082300 or email Thanks John

Checking out and checking in an AccountRight company file

…AccountRight library. Troubleshooting checking out If you experience an issue when trying to check out your company file, try the following: * Re-establish the link between your online company file and your computer. If the checkout issue persists, * Ensure all required AccountRight services are started…

Accessing AccountRight Live Services via a proxy server

…to use the Live Services that form part of an AccountRight subscription. This includes being able to: * access AccountRight online company files, or * use bank feeds. Note: Similar steps to those in this support note are required if you want to setup AccountRight network libraries via a proxy server…

AccountRight Library service issues

…AccountRight Library service issues. Not all tasks in this support note may be required, but perform each task in order until your AccountRight Library service issue is resolved. The tasks in this support note are: * Check the AccountRight Library service * Start the MYOB AccountRight services * Check the…

AccountRight error code SN000502 - SN000603 - Port unavailable, blocked, not enabled, or already in use

…be displayed if a port required by an AccountRight service is not enabled in your computer's firewall. This includes the ports required by the AccountRight Library service, the AccountRight Server Locator service, and the AccountRight Server service. For instructions on how to enable the port in your…

Installed AR 2011 Service Pack 1 and 'lost' My Library

Yesterday I installed the MYOB AccountRight 2011.1 Service Pack 1 Today MYOB AccountRight 2011.1 cannot find 'My Library' and consequently we cannot access our company file in order to complete an IAS for the ATO nor to process payroll prior to Christmas. MYOB, we need your help to fix this problem that…

AccountRight error codes SN001011 and SN001021 - AccountRight Library service issues

…upgrade I received a message relating to: AccountRight error codes SN001011 and SN001021 - AccountRight Library service issues I went through the support note but was unable to 'start' the library service. MYOB file still works ok without this installed is it absolutely neessary? Regards

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