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Invoice Number Changing

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Default Invoice Number

…am setting up a new file and the name will be similar to another file. Is it possible to either: a) Change the default invoice number to include some letters - e.g ROW00001; or b) Change the number sequence to start at 300001. Hope someone is able to help? Thanks ART

Sudden change in invoice numbers

Our invoice numbers have always been carrying on correctly until today when the number suddenly changed to a much larger number (from 00041229 to 00400888). I figured it must just be that one of us accidentally made a mistake and manually typed an invoice number in there so I have gone back and manually…

Invoice numbers changing

number I know has been used example I know we are upto at least 1300 but myob changed it to 1243. I changed it again yesterday to 1500 and it worked fine all day. I generated an order today and it reverted to 1212 as the invoice number. Im using v19.7 Retain original #'s for quote, orders,invoices


numbers for quotes and Invoices. My problem is that we normally create a quote and when the quote realises into sale we change it and I would expect it to have it's own numbering sequence. However at times we do also create direct Invoice and I noticed that when doing so MYOB assigns a running number

How to stop repeating invoice number

Since upgrading to Plus19.7 whenever I create a new invoice it keeps auto setting the invoice number for a previously used invoice #559. For a while I have manually changed the invoice number to get by but I want to fix this. It has occured occasionally in the past and usually when I reboot the program…

how to change Invoice numbering - not to reuse old deleted invoice numbers

numbers are allocated automatically and in sequential order. This is fine until an invoice is deleted which MYOB then at some point goes back and uses an old invoice number. This means that today my invoices may be in the 5000's yet tomorrow they may be back to the 3000's. Is there a setting I can change

Change default invoice number from 0000001 to 0001500

Hi Everyone I have a new client file, who would like to change the automatic invoice number to start from #00000001 to #00001500. Then it needs to automatically increment from #00001500 after the initial invoice is created. How do I go about this? I've tried searching and haven't been able to find the…

Setting up customer terms for statements and reporting

invoices. * Invoice Credit Terms: To access an invoice's terms, open the Invoice and click the Terms zoom arrow (located at the top of the Invoice window just to the right of the Customer Card). Changing these terms: Will: change the invoice's Due Date, which relates to the ageing period that the invoice

Can you change the starting invoice number in MYOB Business Basics

…new database as we have changed from being a sole trader to a company. I want to continue my invoice numbers from my old data base. Is there a way to change the number of the invoice where it starts from? I tried typing in the invoice number but it changed it back to number 1.

how to change Invoice numbering

Hi Is it possible to change the default invoice numbering (i.e 00000001)? Obviously I moved from a software and I have many invoices which means number duplications. Thanks Micha

Changing Data Field INVOICE#

I need data field INVOICE# to start with a different number set for a specific customer. Can I change data settings? Eg: INVOICE# to start at 20230 for just 1 customer. This is to continue from old system. Hope i have explained it well. Thanks Sharon

Account FAQs

…. I need to change my company number, but my company name remains the same? How can I change this? MYOB require written authorisation from the original owner or director of the company that the software is licenced to before we can make the requested changes. Please complete the Change of Details (PDF…