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Early payment/settlement discount shown on invoices (and not in comments)

It's already set up in the card file for customers to receive an early payment discount however this does not display effectively on the customers invoices and statements. "10% within 14 days" is not sufficient and I constantly have issues with customers incorrectly calculating the discount. What I…

Comment box on Invoice

The old version allowed you to write a comment which appeared on your customer's invoice, which would be personal to that particular client. Now you have to save each comment which makes a long list that you then have to go through and delete periodically. It would be useful if you could revert to…

Comment box on Invoice

Is there any chance of being able to delete previous comments in the comment box? the list is just getting to long and I cant seem to find a way to edit it? any help would be greatly appericated.

Sales Invoice - Shortcut key for easy add in Comments and Ship via fields

…every invoice. The comments field also used to allow you to just hit enter when entering a new comment to autosave but this has also been taken out so also becomes annoying and slows the input process down. V19 had the most effective invoice entry layout as it allowed users to enter invoices without…

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Comment box on invoice

Accountright 2014 invoice set on Item. When I try to alter a comment I have just typed in (even if I have exitied and gone back to the invoice) it keeps going to the end of the line if I do the space bar to type not to where I have the cursor to type. If I highlight a word or letter to change it…

Sales Comment displaying on Packing Slips/Invoices

For specific customers we have comments set via their card file under the Sales Comment box in the Selling Options. These comments are displaying on other customers even when those card files have nothing in the Sales comment box. There does not seem to be a pattern, some customers get it and some…

Spell Checker & larger visible comment view in Sales invoices

…checking would be a great feature for MYOB. Please? Also, the Comment section in Item Sales Invoices is way too small in that you can not see everything that you have typed unless you arrow through it. What we do is to create the Sales comment in Word then copy and paste it it. Not a good solution.

Invoice comment line

Premier had the ability to add any comment without having it stored. This should be adopted so comments can be tailored

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Commenting on Invoices after year end rollover

One of our clients noted that after we preformed the year end roll over they were unable to add comments, Ship Via or Promised date on invoices date pre 30 June. Is this a new feature? As we noted that they could perform these tasks after prior rollovers. Thank you for your help in advance.

Comment keeps re-appearing

When I first started i put a name in the comment box on one invoice. every now and again it appears on new invoices. Can someone please tell me how to get rid of it as if a customer sees someone elses name on their invoice or quote they won't be impressed.