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How to enter reciepts as well as invoices into account plus

…bank account and want to know if I am suppost to enter these purchases under purchases or spend money. I think that spend money would mean that it gets subtracted from the company bank records which is not what I need to happen. Please give some advise of where this gets entered before I make a mess thanks…

How can I enter invoices detail for expenses?

Hi, Just wondering is it have a way to key the invoices details for expenses like purchase invoices layout? We are paying our expenses monthly basis. so i wonder is it have a layout to key the expenses invoice i received like what purchase did?

How to enter reimbursements

…are being reimbursed by the company we did the work for. They want an invoice for the total amount. How do I enter this? As we do our BAS monthly I had to enter the payments to claim the GST. What tax code do I use on the invoice to the company as this is not income but a reimbursement? HELP

How to enter a customer refund

Hi, How do i enter a part refund in a situation where a monthly subscription amount is being temporarily refunded to be received in a future date. Please note that the orginal value of the invoice stays the same the total value remains .

Incorrect Supplier entered for invoice - How to change supplier?

I have noticed that an invoice number has been incorrectly assigned to a different supplier. Is there an efficient way to amend this without having to delete the transaction and start over?

Default credit terms and applying discounts

…affect the terms of invoices or purchases that have already been recorded. The changes will only apply to sales or purchases that are recorded after the change. How do I change the terms on invoices and purchase orders? With the invoice or purchase order open, click the arrow next to Terms at the top of…

Emailing invoices

…support note Fixing email issues in AccountRight or AccountEdge. How to flag an invoice to be emailed When you create a sale, there's a drop down field on the Sales window called Invoice Delivery Status as shown below. Note that invoices which use the 'Miscellaneous' layout cannot be printed or emailed…

HOW TO ENTER A invoice facility finance??

Hi, our company recently signed agreement to finance all the invoices from a lender. this agreement allows the lender to give us only 80% of invoice amount on the invoice date, and collect 100% when the customer pays invoice on the due date. How could I enter the transactions into MYOB? the problem is…

Customising forms in AccountRight v19 and earlier

How do I delete a customised form? How do I set the default invoice to use for a specific customer? Frequently asked questions What are forms? Forms are used by your accounting software for printing or emailing: * Cheques and cheque stubs - Spend Money and Pay Bills * Sales - Statements, Invoices and…

How do I enter Pre conversion sales/invoices

…are paid in the first month of using live accounts. How do I allocate the receipt of that money? My idea is to make the Trade Debtors open balance equal to all the unpaid invoices at conversion date. Then allocate payments from the bank view to the trade debtors account. Does this seems right?

How to enter payment received for an invoice closed off in a previous financial year

…unsure of how to enter a payment for an invoice that was issued almost two years ago, and the balance due on the invoice was only recently received. All the data for this invoice has been closed off for that year, so, without raising another invoice which would be incorrect, how do I enter this in MYOB?…

How to increase the 'Description' section in quotes/invoices

…trouble writing quotes as we provide very detailed quotes and they are quite long. I have tried all the layouts however all of them will not let me enter a large amount of text before it stops mid sentence. Is there any way of changing this so I can write more in the description? Thanks for your help

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