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Multiple company data files - how many are allowed?

How can we find out how many company data files we can use with our MYOB License? We are using AccountRight Standard 2012.10. Thanks...

How many company files can we have for AccountRight Standard V19.1

Hi, We have AccountRight Standard V19.1 installed on our company computer. Can anyone please advice how many company files are we allowed to create? Much appreciated! Best Regards, Linda

How to set up two company files for one same ABN and trading name?

…anyone could possibly know how to set up two company files under one ABN number in MYOB? I was thinking just set up a new company file (company B) with the same ABN (Company A), then can I active the company file for the company B? I only want to set a new company file to seperate two batch of staff…

Confirming company files

…'Mountain Lion' compatibility with MYOB products. How do I confirm my file? When the Confirmation Assistant is displayed, prompting you to confirm your company file, there are two methods by which you can do it. Note that the methods for confirming files by phone have changed for the AccountRight 2011…

Activation / Confirmation

…information be sent to MYOB when activating a company file? * Will MYOB be including product activation features in any other software products? * How many company files can I activate? * Should I activate ALL my company files? * I have already activated my company file, why am I being asked to activate again?…

Company File Activation FAQ

…What happens during file activation? PAGEREF _Toc63678338 \h 2 Which versions of MYOB require Company File activation? PAGEREF _Toc63678339 \h 2 I have already registered my software with MYOB, why do I need to Activate my Company File? PAGEREF _Toc63678340 \h 2 How many Company Files may I have? PAGEREF…

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…wish to cancel. * Company files * How many company files come with a MYOB AccountRight subscription? * What's the difference between an online company file and a desktop company file? * What happens if I currently have more than one company file? * Can I purchase additional company files? * Are there…

Subscriptions & Payments

How do I pay for my subscriptions? * Why is MYOB moving to a subscription pricing model? * Is there a minimum period for a MYOB AccountRight subscription? * How many company files come with a MYOB AccountRight subscription? * What’s the difference between an online company file and a desktop company

Taking files home

…restoring of that company file. This support note explains how this process works and should be read in conjunction with the following support notes: Backup and restore your company file - Windows Backup and restore company files in AccountRight 2011 and later Backup and restore your company file - MAC Backup…

Backup principles

…of your company file after each backup. Paper copy backup. You should always print out and correctly store the necessary end of month and end of year reports as well as the occasional reports showing customers, vendors, accounts, and so on. How do I check to see if the backup worked? Many users believe…