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Just Invoices Non GST registered

…just an invoicing program. Sorry if this sounds silly but is Just Invoices fine to create non gst invoices or is it mainly for gst invoices. I understand that you can modify templates etc but before I purchase I want to see if others are using this for non gst as well. Would have loved a free trial but…

Business Basics Invoices

Hi I purchased Business Basics v1.1 a few years ago. I did all sorts of free upgrades etc and somehow got the forms which have the 'how to pay' section on them. I set this up for my husband's sole trading business. I recently had to reformat my hard drive and completely start again on my computer. I…

Docx customisable invoice templates and adding extra collumns to the invoice data entry screen

…docx uploadable templates for their online live programs. This is beneficial because it allows not only each business to have their own layout but they have better control over what is stated on their invoice. It would be even better if we were able to add our own collumns to the invoices like the ability…

Get a free website in 15 mins - no catch, no dramas | MYOB Blog

Did you know 80% of Kiwis look online before purchasing products or services, but only 32% of New Zealand businesses have a website? The numbers are similar in Australia too. A lot of revenue goes to businesses simply because they can be found online.

Deleting cards

invoiced will appear in the Card Transactions report as a sale. Deleting the open Activity will allow the card to be deleted. 'A card with recurring sales or purchases cannot be deleted.' A card cannot be deleted if it is linked to a Recurring transaction template. Finding the linked recurring template

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Collaborating on projects can be a mess. Here are 6 great apps that make it just a little easier

MYOB Add-On Centre | find great 3rd party tools to augment MYOB Business Management Software

Great 3rd party add-on tools to augment MYOB Business Management Software.

Time & Attendance tool turning payroll chaos into clockwork | add-ons for MYOB

Great 3rd party add-on tools to augment MYOB Business Management Software.

Timely appointment scheduling | add-ons for MYOB

Great 3rd party add-on tools to augment MYOB Business Management Software.

Introducing the new AccountEdge range

…need for a logbook – track your mileage in AccountEdge. Keep track of your mileage while on the move with the free iOS app AccountEdge Mobile. Form Improvements New form fields and templates make it easy to communicate with your customers. Time Billing Rate Levels Billing Rate levels let you set and…

PowerPoint presentation tips | MYOB Blog

I am sure we can all cite countless examples where abuses of PowerPoint have turned a potentially interesting or informative presentation into something to be endured rather than enjoyed. However, when done right, PowerPoint can be a powerful tool that can assist in growing your business and generating sales.