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Purchase of a fixed asset

Hi, my company just purchased a new forklift, I thought it should be subject to fixed assets, Therefore, I should use CAP tax code. The question is that how I should record it? Should I use general journal in accounts module or a purchase journal in purchase module and then pay bill? Cheer, Daniel

Fixed asset

Hey , we purchased new camera , SD card and Printer. Are these fixed asset for small Non-profit organization? Please reply as soon as possible

About Fixed-Assets depreciation

Hi everyone, Can you please advise how to record fixed-assets depreciation? So if a single transaction is less than $300, should it be written off directly?? Also, do we need to put each fixed asset in a spreadsheet for the future reference?? Thanks! Dom!

Fixed asset report

Hi, How can I get fixed asset report? Thanks in advance.

Writing off inventory and fixed assets

Hi there Could you help me with journal enteries reqd to write off inventory and fixed assets please? Thanks M

Don't know were to post something

…cheque using the funds in Business Account. I don't know how to show this. Currently I have it under Debit to Business Account and a Credit to Fixed Assets . So i really don't know how to show it and what Tax Code I should be using.. Any help would be appreciated as i have no Book Keeping skills to…

Disposal Fixed Assets and Road Tax

…this thing that is on my mind :- How do I treat disposal of fixed assets and road tax? Are disposal of fixed asset and road tax considered as other expenses or do I treat it as normal expenses? What are the reasons disposal of fixed assets and road tax are taken as other expenses and not normal…

Purchase order a computer asset

I need to get a computer in fixed assets, and divide the amount by 10 payments 1-3210 fixed assets = 5000.00 2-2120 amount financed = 5000.00 6-3510 expenses - installments = 500.00 and the payment of the installments made by Spend Money How do these entries? Anybody help-me

Sale of Fixed asset / Trade in

Hi, I am currently studying and am chasing a bit of help with one of the questions. I have been asked to process journal transactions for the following sale. We have sold a transit van and used the proceeds as a trade in for another vehicle. I have processed the deprication journal but not sure how…

Fixed Assets - At Cost/Depreciation - Help?

Hi All, I'm not sure how to complete these accounts... This file started in this new FY11... do I put the value of the equipment in the At Cost field or do I put how much I purchased the equipment for regardless of the start of the file? Cheers, Ray.

Fixed Asset Property Register

Hi We are a small business - gardening service. I have been reading about fixed asset registers. Our accountant has never mentioned this- Is this something all businesses must have? Thankyou

MOYB Asset Written Off by cost

Hi folks, I am with MYOB Asset Manager Pro. I was trying to written by some fixed assets, but the journal entries automatically generated by MYOB showed that assets were only written off by their accumulated depreciation instead of their costs. Is there anyway I can have them written off by costs of…