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Purchase of a fixed asset

Hi, my company just purchased a new forklift, I thought it should be subject to fixed assets, Therefore, I should use CAP tax code. The question is that how I should record it? Should I use general journal in accounts module or a purchase journal in purchase module and then pay bill? Cheer, Daniel

Writing off inventory and fixed assets

Hi there Could you help me with journal enteries reqd to write off inventory and fixed assets please? Thanks M

Fixed Assets

Can anybody advise of a fixed assets program that integrates with Myob. Thanks in advance

About Fixed-Assets depreciation

Hi everyone, Can you please advise how to record fixed-assets depreciation? So if a single transaction is less than $300, should it be written off directly?? Also, do we need to put each fixed asset in a spreadsheet for the future reference?? Thanks! Dom!

MOYB Asset Written Off by cost

Hi folks, I am with MYOB Asset Manager Pro. I was trying to written by some fixed assets, but the journal entries automatically generated by MYOB showed that assets were only written off by their accumulated depreciation instead of their costs. Is there anyway I can have them written off by costs of…

Sale of Fixed asset / Trade in

Hi, I am currently studying and am chasing a bit of help with one of the questions. I have been asked to process journal transactions for the following sale. We have sold a transit van and used the proceeds as a trade in for another vehicle. I have processed the deprication journal but not sure how…

Very Impressive Assets Lite

VI Assets Lite is our basic and inexpensive fixed asset solution designed with small businesses in mind who want to depreciate assets in a controlled, safe and secure environment. Lite allows you to record and depreciate assets for a single company maintaining one book. It has reports that can be used…

Recruitment Guide for Employers Recruiting New Staff

Recruitment guide for businesses planning to recruit new staff. This guide aims to provide obligations for new employees and employers to make the hiring process easier.

MYOB Fixed Assets Software - Issues with reporting

…reconciling the Fixed Assets reports to our MYOB ledger and have come across the following issue: I have two balance sheet accounts setup - one for the cost of the asset and one for the accumulated depreciation. I have run the Asset Depreciation by Asset Group Report from the MYOB Asset Manager system…

Customising invoices etc, pending invoices and fixed assets register

…the end of the month (this is something that can be done in Quickbooks which I find useful). The other thing that would be quite handy would be a fixed asset register to help keep track of them (again, this is something that Xero has which I find useful). Just some thoughts that others might find useful…

Fixed Assets - At Cost/Depreciation - Help?

Hi All, I'm not sure how to complete these accounts... This file started in this new FY11... do I put the value of the equipment in the At Cost field or do I put how much I purchased the equipment for regardless of the start of the file? Cheers, Ray.

Is it possible to have the disposal asset excluded from Fixed Asset Register which has taken place within the year.

Asset Manager Pro, Version 3.5 AU and have recently dispose an asset. I understand that the disposed asset will remain in my fixed asset register unless the rollover of the following year is performed. May i know if there is a way to reflect fixed assets remaining in the register without disposal assets