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MYOB will not open company file - timeout error - Accountright V12

…Changing firewall to allow Huxley server communication on port 6961 using TCP Reason : Have just fixed this issue on client PC, may apply to Nortons/other firewall providers? Huxley server application was already in the ALLOWED in the firewall appliation list ie not BLOCKED! Appears Mcafee firewall

Firewall Issues with AccountRight 2014.4 upgrade

Since I installed the AccountRight 2014.2 upgrade I have to disable Norton antivirus and Firewall before I can open my account files in MYOB. I am running Windows 8. I also found that when I turn protection back on, I am unable to 'get bank transactions' in Bank Feed. How do I resolve this? Thanks.

Huxley Application has a problem and needs to close.

…with the message "Huxley Application has a problem and needs to close". From what I have read on this forum I need to do an update, so I registered to receive updates but there are never any available for download. Checked the firewall was giving access to MYOB, all okay. Am I doing something wrong?

Firewall (AVG Business Edition) Issues not allowing MYOB remote access from Vista to Win 7

Hi There I have now an issue with my firewall (AVG) not allowing a connection to my Win 7 PC from my Vista PC.. I might be a little clever about stuff, firewalls however, beat me.. Is anyone able to advise what I should be doing on my Win 7 PC with AVG to allow me to access my myox files remotely??…

MYOB keeps asking me to confirm company file

…the program. What makes it worse - the Automated Confirmation is not working. I have to finish the confirmation process over the phone. MYOB AccountRight V19 Windows 7 Home Premium Anti Virus and Firewall are shut down Active broadband internet connection Can anyone help please? Much appreciated!

Confirming company files

…installed (AccountRight only). See our support note Downloading AccountRightfor instructions. Also check that your computer's security software or firewall are allowing the connection. * You can activate a user preference that will automatically perform the online confirmation. To do this, once…

Dropbox issues

…on dropbox. This is not solving the issue. The following message comes up. Please help!!! Please verify the Dropbox account and password entered and try again. If you continue to have this problem, please check your internet connection, firewall settings and that the Dropbox account is accessible

Performing a clean reinstallation of the new AccountRight

…antivirus, firewall and backup programs Antivirus software is designed to identify files on your computer that shouldn't be there. But sometimes antivirus software incorrectly identifies your AccountRight software, or your company file, as being suspicious. The same may happen with firewall

"Connection to server or another computer is blocked" message when integrating Payroll with AccountRight

…configure the firewall software to allow the data to successfully transfer. Depending on the firewall software you use, the way you do this will vary. The steps below describe how to configure Windows Firewall (the firewall software that comes with Windows). If you use different firewall software,…

AccountRight error code SN000604 - Base Filtering Engine (BFE) issues

…then click OK. * In the list of services, locate the Windows Firewall service as shown in the following example: * If the Windows Firewall service is present, right-click the service and choose Start. * If the Windows Firewall service doesn't start or the service is missing, you will need…

RM v11 "Could not open recent data"

…[Application-defined or object-defined error] 3. One location takes 2 mins to print reciept to epson tm-t88iii I have done the following: * Check all firewalls etc* Check network speeds (getting 527mb/ps)* Compacted and rebuilt database Unsure where to turn from here, any help most appreciated.…

Payroll 2012 fatal error C0000005 Clicking 'File' dropdown causes crash.

…message Fatal Error error ID C0000005 with a whole lot of info about the time and date and the log etc... I've tried everything. Installing with no firewall, no UAE, in safe mode. Has anyone had an issue similar. The PC is a HP Compaq elite 8300 all in one full of **bleep**ty bloatware etc. I hate…

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