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Supplier Card list in excel with email

I can get this via Card List (Summary) but without the email. I'd like it with the emails, how can i do this and export via excel?

Workarounds for reports not available in the new AccountRight

…details of the default supplier (phone, fax, Contact, etc.), and the average cost of the item. Average cost information can be obtained from the Item List [Summary] report which you can run then export to Excel. The Average Cost column can then be copied and added to the exported item information in Excel…

Export Chart of Accounts

…similar to one we have already. I would like to transfer the same accounts list to the new company, without the values. Can someone talk me through this or poiunt me in the right direction? I can see where to export suppliers etc but just not the chart of accounts? Thanks. Rebecca

Retail Support - Accounting Export

…choose Accounting Export. Note: For more information regarding cashup/End of Day please refer to the RetailManager User Guide. * Click Export or press F10. * Upon completion, a window will be displayed stating the number of suppliers, purchases and sessions exported. All are exported together in a single…

Creating personalised letters

…Microsoft Word, you export the contact data out of your company file and then merge that data with the letter. * Go to the Card File command centre and click Create Personalised Letters. The Review Cards Before Exporting window appears. * If you want to, filter the contact list, for example, to only…

Setting up MYOB accounting software to import from RetailManager

…helpful * Retail Support - Accounting Export * Retail Support - troubleshooting exports to MYOB accounting software * Retail Support - Updating Accounting Export Settings in RetailManager * Importing and exporting - troubleshooting * Retail Support - Import and Export Utility for RetailManager v4 Share…

Wish List...

…your iPhone app would help in the first instance but without the need for a dropbox interface. 3. Bank Account details for Clients and Suppliers and ability to export .aba files. I have always been amazed that in this day and age of electronic banking, even your desktop versions do not have the provision…

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