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Employer Superannuation Contributions Tax (ESCT) calculations

…date is prior to the start of the last financial year the ESCT rate will be based on the sum of the employee's Gross Earnings and Gross Employer Contributions for the prior year. In other words, in the April 2014 to March 2015 tax year, the ESCT rate will be based on the employee's April 2013 to March…

Filing to the IRD in Payroll

…Contribution Tax (ESCT) correctly. Here's what we'll cover: Setting up the Payroll Options to allow ir-Filing Creating the CSV Files for electronically filing to the IRD Uploading the CSV files to the IRD Filing the IR348 Employer Monthly Schedule manually Filing the IR345 Employer Deductions form manually…

Entering payroll through spend money

….00 Gross Wage 2- (100.00)Paye Liability 2- (10.000) Kiwi Saver Liability ( this is the employees deducted amount which would equal the nett paid But I am unsure about the employer Kiwi Saver and ESCT Tax and how I record that. Also we are a non profit and some one donates specifically to the workers…

How-to guide: payroll changes | MYOB Blog

The PAYE tax is actually made up of two components - the main being tax, the other being a portion of the ACC Earner Levy that funds the ACC scheme. After increasing steadily for a few years, the Earner Levy is dropping for 2012/13 from 2.04% to 1.7%. While not a massive decrease, it does mean lower PAYE overall for your employees, which will be appreciated.

KiwiSaver changes from 1 April 2013

…Feedback *Required Support notes others found helpful * Employer Superannuation Contributions Tax (ESCT) calculations * Payroll 2015 - new compliance changes from 1 April 2015 * Adjusting KiwiSaver deduction rates in Payroll * Troubleshooting MYOB Payroll installation * Integrating Payroll with your accounting…

MYOB EXO Payroll Obligations Course

ESCT * Hiring New Employees – Agreements, 90 Day Trial, legal requirements, Case studies * Leave Entitlements – minimum requirements, leave calculations, relevant daily pay options * Terminations – 3 components to pay, Things to be aware of * Allowances – Lump Sums, is it discretionary * Deductions

Employer contribution doesn't match what it should be

…printed on the employees payslip doesn't total what it should be ie what is on the IRD deduction tables. It is out by $0.09 cents. I have checked that everything is ok eg employer contribution is set at 2% and esct is set at calculated but just can't work out where I am going wrong. Can anyone please…

Payroll non-compliance can cost thousands | MYOB Blog

It is important that business owners ensure the payroll function they rely on is up-to-date with current employment legislation, and is also calculating those functions correctly. Noncompliance can result in fines of up to $10,000 for the individual and up to $20,000 for the company. However, it is easy to avoid such outcomes by selecting a payroll management programme from a trusted source.

Preparation avoids payroll panic | MYOB Blog

1st April might be a day for some people to pull pranks, but in the world of payroll, it's often a serious and fraught day. This year is no exception, with an increase in the minimum wage and new tax changes for payroll staff to incorporate in their employer monthly schedule (EMS), as well as year-end reconciliations.

MYOB Payroll Software for Small to Medium Businesses

Payroll software that keeps you fully compliant with IRD legislation from MYOB. Payroll management software from New Zealand's Number 1 Payroll Software Provider.

Resuming Kiwisaver after contributions Holiday

…contribution holiday has now ended. When I try to change the settings to "active member" and appropriate contribution percenatge deductions from employee and employer and ESCT range I can't save the changes as the "Save" button is greyed out. JPG attached. Please help

EXO Superannuation and KiwiSaver

…module will cover all areas of setting up and processing both KiwiSaver and other Superannuation Deductions in EXO Payroll. We’ll look at setting up groups and deductions, the rules around Super, paying ESCT & what reports you can & should be using. Delivery: Duration: Cost: One on one webinar 1 hour…

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