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GST on the portion of entertainment

Hi, Can anyone tell me how to handling GST on the portion of entertainment. For Example one of our staff taking 5 clients out to lunch. Only 1/6 of the GST is deductible and if i used actual methord how could I set up the GST code. Actully we are switching from the 50/50 method to actual method as…


Hi Sir/Madam I am new in MYOB, and I am working in a Aluminium company for book keeping. We purchase some BBQ foods for the party, should I record in the MYOB as ENTERTAINMENT expense or Staff Amenities? And whats difference between ENTERTAINMENT expense and Staff Amenities?? Thanks a lot!! Will

Reversing deductions for Entertainment Expenses

Hi There, I wrongly previously entered Receipts for Business Meetings between 2 directors as full company expense and claimed the GST on the BAS. I am now aware that I cannot claim them as a Company Deduction and cannot claim the GST credit. My question now is, what is the best way to reverse these…

Staff Amenities & Staff Entertainment

Good Morning, Can someone please let me know whats difference between Staff ENTERTAINMENT expense and Staff AMENITIES expense??

Apportioning GST on non deductible entertainment

Hi Can anyone tell me how they are handling GST on the non deductible portion of entertainment. For Example one staff taking two clients out to lunch. Only 1/3 of the GST is deductible. We are switching from the 50/50 method to actual method as at 01/04/2011. Also how do you set up the GST codes for…

Staff entertainment

Bought a concert ticket $390 for a staff as a award for her good perfermance. Not sure if I can put into ENTERTAINMENT account. Thanks

Entertainment and car expenses - common questions answered

Hi all, Tracey Sharah has posted a great new blog on The Pulse called Your Common Accounting questions answered - Entertainment and car expenses. I hope you find the article useful for your business. All the best, Jason Hill Community Manager

Client Entertainment Expenses

…Does anyone know how Client Entetainment Expenses i.e food beveages show be recorded. I am working for a new Recruiting Company, and they spend quite a lot of money entertaining Clients. I know that GST is not claimable on Client Entertainment expenses, but is it recorded asd N-T or FRE. Thank- you

Entertainment Expence

Hi I'm new to MYOB & I really need a little advice. I have set up an expense account to claim for Entertainment Expenses, as we take clients out to dinner quite a bit. My Accountant has told me that we're not allowed to claim these expenses...... My problem is how do I claim for these expenses…

NFP Experts - Meals & Entertainment Card!

…Expense Card, Leisure & Accommodation Card & a Meals & Entertainment Card. I've set everything up well in MYOB to record this (thanks to a search on this forum) but have discovered that the Meals & Entertainment card is not capped, not included in the $16,000, and not reportable…

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