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Direct debit

Hi, I am recording my invoices in purchase command. I have a telephone bill, which is a direct debit into my account. How should I record this payment, in purchase command or banking (spend money) Thank you kindly Columbia

Creation of Direct Debit Batches for uploading to the Bank

Hi Is is possible to add the ability to create Direct Debit batches (for customers) for uploading to the Bank, like we are able to do for supplier payments? Sometimes the direct debit amount from a customer's bank account changes each period (eg weekly, monthly) and the new amount due needs to be uploaded…

Entering Direct Debit payments in BB

Hey all, Just starting out with MYOB BB. I cant seem to find how to record a direct credit payment in the 'spend money' function. It only gives options for paying by cheque. Can anyone help? Thanks!

How to create a direct debit batch with MYOB AccountRight

Hi Everyone I am looking at buying MYOB but I need to be able to create a direct debit batch file (aba) and I don't want to do it manually. Is there a way that I can do this? Jame

Processing Direct Debit Payment

We have four computers running on RM. On the computer that we us primarily for purchase orders etc (not necessarily sales), I have tried to add a direct deposit payment type, which I have ticked as an electronic payment. I have got it set up ok on the other computers, but this is coming up as an error…

Making payments electronically

…electronic banking work? Firstly, the journal postings of bank transactions are: * Withdrawal - posts a credit to the Cheque account * Deposit - posts a debit to the cheque account When a payment is selected to be paid electronically, the payment is withdrawn (credit) from a Chequebook clearing account. This…

Customer Overpayment

One of our customers overpaid us by 5cents when direct debiting into our bank account. As it's just a tiny amount, I'd like to just apply this to their next invoice. How do I do this? Thanks

Payment options

…by credit card or direct debit with any payment option. You also have the option to pay by EFT or cheque for Annual one-off payments. What is subscription pricing? Subscription pricing is a pay as you go pricing plan which payments are deducted monthly via direct debit or direct credit. Upon subscribing…

Super fund direct debit amount does not equal MYOB super calculation

direct debited by the suoer fund. The first debit they have done supposedly from july to end of August does not account for one payment they had already received by direct deposit transfer of the previous arrangement. Now the august payroll super contributions will not balance to the bank account debit

Creditor payments by future dated direct Debit

…on a certain date in the future by direct debit, is there a way to record this payment so that the supllier does not show up on the Aged Payables report as requiring payment. This is usually with phone companies and electricity companies etc where they direct debit the amount from our account on a specified…

Direct Debit Payment

Hi I am wondering where to allocate a direct debit payment to in the live feed from my Bank, if I have already invoiced someone and done a customer payment for this amount. As I can see the customer invoice allocates in this case onto my fees account and accounts receivable. Then the customer payment…

Subscription by direct debit

I have been trialing Live Accounts and would like to subscribe but my business does not have Visa or Mastercard. Can I subscribe by direct debit?