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Creation of Direct Debit Batches for uploading to the Bank

Hi Is is possible to add the ability to create Direct Debit batches (for customers) for uploading to the Bank, like we are able to do for supplier payments? Sometimes the direct debit amount from a customer's bank account changes each period (eg weekly, monthly) and the new amount due needs to be…

Direct debit

Hi, I am recording my invoices in purchase command. I have a telephone bill, which is a direct debit into my account. How should I record this payment, in purchase command or banking (spend money) Thank you kindly Columbia

Creditor payments by future dated direct Debit

…on a certain date in the future by direct debit, is there a way to record this payment so that the supllier does not show up on the Aged Payables report as requiring payment. This is usually with phone companies and electricity companies etc where they direct debit the amount from our account on a…

Paying Bills - Confused about cheques

…pay for items and perhaps use direct debit or eft. If I enter as 'paying bills' it would make the numbers then not reflect my actual cheque book. Should I be doing one thing when I pay a bill using an actual cheque and then another thing when I use Direct Debit or EFT? Is this its intended purpose…

Apply payment to purchases in one window

Being that a lot of our purchases are now direct debit it would be good to be able to apply a payment in the same window after producing the purchase itself. EG: payment button at the bottom.

Direct Debit Rejections - Credit and Debit Reconcilliation

…that debits tuition from the customers account through our business bank account. Being new to MYOB, i am unsure how to reconcile the account (or what account to allocate to) when the customers debit is declined. The money is first credited into our business account and is then debited back out.…

Error -18: Each line must have debit or credit, but not both - When Importing General Journal

…upgraded to AccountRight 2011 from V19 and now the import of General Journal Entries errors. The error they receive is: Error -18: Each line must have debit or credit, but not both. I've tried playing with the export file to get it to import in this format but cannot get past this error. I have seen…

billing for website

At present my monthly website fee is coming out of my personal credit card (I don't have a business credit card). I want to pay by direct debit from my business bank account - the same way my monthly MYOB support fee gets paid. Is it possible to do this?

Applying credit from one customer to another customer's account

Hi I am running MYOB v18. Recently I had a customer do a direct debit payment into our bank account which was far in excess of what they owed us. I applied the payment to their outstanding invoice, which then resulted in a credit.. Finally today they have answered my query on this payment to advise…

Equipment purchase on interest free loan

…to the Asset acount for office equipment and to the liabilies accounts payable. Should I have put to this account or A/P Accrual Inventory Secondly the equipment was purchased on an interest free loan over 12 months how do I set up the loan. The loan will be paid by direct debit monthly. Thank you

Supplier overpayment in reconciled months

…supplier direct debits a set amount each month, and sends an invoice for our records. There are also many other invoices from them, so when I started in this position I paid those invoices (entering the invoice and adding the payment to a batch), not realiseing it would be direct debited. So then…

Importing customer payments

Hi, all of our customer pay by direct debit/AP weekly/fortnightly. Importing these payments into myob, how will myob process dishonours which show up on the bank statement as a debit. example: name credit debit Joe bloggs $30.00 Joe bloggs -$30.00 dishonour-04 how will myob process this, will it add…

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