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Default Administrator Password

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User IDs and passwords (AccountRight v19 and AccountEdge)

Password and User ID buttons greyed out? Creating or changing the Administrator password Creating a new User ID Changing a user's password Multiple logins Forgotten or lost your password? See our support note Forgotten, lost, or unknown password and see how MYOB can assist. About User IDs and passwords:…

Administrator password not recognised - non defined limits on characters

…Windows 7 machine (so no previous data causing corruption). Change default blank password to user defined (mixture of upper and lower case and numbers, no special characters) which is initially accepted. Close AR+ and reopen, password is not recognised at login screen. After spending hours trying every…

Creating company file

I don't recall setting up a password for Administrator when I started to set up MYOB a few days ago. Is there a default password?

Better Password Reset Option

administrator access to reset it and then email it to me (which will also cost me money). A very simple solution would be: for it to allow us to have a pincode which we could create against the admin user and in the event that the password is lost or corrupted we could default to using that as a password

windows UAC shield icon on Retail manager 11 with default UAC

windows UAC shield icon on Retail manager 11 with default UAC configuration. evey time need administrator password to start this app. is thee any way that normal user can use this app?

MYOB ODBC - Windows

…information: * User Name: The user name you created for your data file or if no user name the default is Administrator. * Password: If you set up a password on your file enter it here. If there is no password leave this field blank. * Click OK. The System DSN window is displayed now showing your new Data…

Errors when using Mail Merge on Windows Vista and Windows 7

…Windows needs your permission to continue. Click Continue to this message. If you are not setup as an Administrator user on this machine, you may be prompted to enter a Administrator Username and password. * Deselect the option Use User Account Control to help protect your computer then click OK. * You…

Managing users and their roles in the new AccountRight

…below to access the sections in this support note: Definitions Set a password for the Administrator Creating a user Activating users after upgrading to the new AccountRight Managing roles Removing user access Changing passwords If you subscribe to AccountRight Live, there are additional tasks required…

Retail Support - RetailManager Security

password for your administrator. Set the password for each staff member who is assigned to the administrator group. Task 6: Working with passwords An important feature of security is the use of a password, when you assign staff members to the administrator group you are required to enter the password

Display issues in the new AccountRight

…Personalization. * In the left pane, click Adjust font size (DPI). If you are prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation. * In the DPI Scaling window, select the option Default scale (96 DPI) - fit more information. * Click OK. * Restart your computer for the…

Customer credit limit and credit hold

* Sign-on to your company file as Administrator, otherwise the following preference options will not be available. * Go to the Setup menu and choose Preferences. * Click the Sales tab. * Select the option If Credit Limit is Exceeded on Sale. See our example below. There are two options to choose from…

Integrating Payroll with your accounting software

…where AccountRight 2013 to 2013.5 is installed and the company file you want to integrate with is stored. * Log in to Windows as Administrator, or as a user with administrator privileges. * Simultaneously press the Windows and E keys on your keyboard (the Windows key is between the Ctrl and Alt keys).…