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Credit Notes

…number to be credited in the Acct# field or select it from the list. This account should be the income account that the original sale was allocated to. Alternatively you could have an income account called 'Sales returns/Credits'. Note: Service, Item, and Professional credit notes created through the…

Issuing a credit for overpayment

…which in turn has created a credit note against that invoice number. The client is now requesting that I issue a credit note for them to enter this into there accounting system? I can't figure out how to process this. If I create an invoice with a negative amount I still have the credit as well on the original…

Receiving a payment and creating a credit note without using an invoice to apply it to

…one is for an invoice that is already closed, can a credit note be raised instead of applying it to the already closed invoice? Basically I'm trying to clean up my monthly statements for some customers who have paid invoices twice, or had credits applied to already closed invoices because they overpaid…

Who do I print a Credit Note

If I create a invoice with a Minus Amount (Credit note) I can't print it out. The invoice number does not show up under "print invoice"

Creating a customer Credit Note

Hi guys How do i create a credit note for a customer.. For example i have a customer who has been doing some work for me but would rather have store credit than cash. How can i put $$ next to his name so that when he comes in to buy something it will have credit for him to use? Cheers Aaron

creating credit note as result of overpayment

Hi, we have a number of customers that like to pay their account in advance. Can anyone please tell me how i create the a credit note to show their balance? It is so easy in MYOB accounting, but i am new to myob retail ( Thanks Melissa

Handling overpayments

…payment to it. Note that you will not be able to find the closed invoice by dollar amount, as it now has $0 owing. Instead, you will need to find it by the Invoice Number and/or Date. This will create a credit memo for the second payment which can then be settled as described below. Note: If a customer…

Debit Notes

…debit which to you is a credit. Our support note Credit Notes has information on raising a credit note for a customer. Here's what we'll cover in this support note: In what type of situations would I need to issue a debit note? How do I create a debit note? Printing a debit note Applying the debit to reduce…

Client owes us and we owe them - do I create a credit note ?

Hello Community and Happy festive season, We work alot with various construction companies i.e. we do work for them, they do work for us in different capacities. I have an invoice owed from 1 client (larger amount) and one we owe them (the smaller of the two amounts). The client wants to pay only…

Reversing customer deposits

creating the credit note. Create a new Credit Note * Go to the Sales command centre and click Enter Sales. * Select the applicable customer. * Click Layout and select the Service invoice type. * Enter or select the allocation account - this will be the linked account for finance charges as noted earlier…

Contra a supplier credit agains a customer invoice

…then receive the supplier credit into the contra account. this made the balance in the contra account 2 times the contra amounts when it should be $0. So we reversed this and the only way that I was advised it could work was to cancel the credit note from the supplier, create an invoice at $0 cost then…

Manual discount on backordered items order, creates a credit note (Sales) (Premier Account Right version)

…is $4,850. The order is already discounted now. However, when the order is recorded a credit note of $150.00 automatically is recorded, but we have no where to put it. There are literally thousands of credit notes with no order/invoice to apply them to. Has anyone encountered this before?

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