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opening & closing sock gl accounts in cogs in p & l

i am a newby. i have set up the inventory system ok. how do i set up opening and closing gl accounts in the p & l. Plus at the end of each period does the software journal closing stock to the next period's opening stock? Cheers

Periodical inventory

Periodical inventory is a system of accounting for inventory whereby the goods on hand are determined by a physical count, and the cost of goods sold equals opening inventory plus net purchases, less closing inventory. This support note explains how you can implement periodical inventory in your company…

Stock at hand - AccountEdge

…more accurate COGS, as it will take into account: 1. opening stock 2. stock purchased during the month 3. closing stock Can someone advise how I get this figure into MYOB? I don't use Inventory.

Entering closing stock onto account right standard 2011

I am not using the inventory system for stock as we buy large items of stock only 120 items per year and the inventory system appears to create unnecessary work for me my questions are 1 - should I be using the inventory system to give me a year end figure for closing stock already incorporated within…

"I Buy", "I Sell", "I Inventory" and linked accounts

inventory asset account and the cost of sale is recognised at the time of selling the good. Periodical Inventory: A method for accounting inventory whereby the goods on-hand are determined by a physical count and the cost of goods sold equals opening inventory plus net purchases, less closing inventory.…

Closing an Order (NOT DELETING)

…receive bills against these. We do not keep inventory so this doesn't need to be taken into consideration. We have orders from previous financial years that have had bills received against them but are not expected to be fully expensed. Is there a way to close an Order without deleting it?

Inventory shows zero though according to purchases and sales there is stock on hand

…purchases over the year show (for example) 30 and sales show 20 so 10 should be on hand. Something to do with closing off inventory and not reinstating? Previous accountant had performed close off procedures from prior year

Items that was not inventoried with purchase and sales

…doing year end closing, we noticed some items was purchased with stock in and sales out with sales value. But these items are not being inventoried in the card file. Meaning the card file only shows tick on "I buy" (Expenses account - Stock), "I sell" (Accounts - Sales) but "I inventory" was not ticked…

What Product Would Suit My Farming Operation?

…always sell for the same price so I can't use a conventional inventory system), I don't need payroll and I need gst, invoices e.c.t. P.S. I can track the cattle I sell with cashbook and my accountant is able to calculate opening and closing stock with myob accountant office so I assume MYOB has a product…

Month-end procedures in the new AccountRight

…the details of the report. Compare item values with inventory account The total value of items on hand is compared to the current balance of the linked inventory account. If there is an out-of-balance amount, click Display to view the Inventory Value Reconciliation Exception report and analyse the…

Using Job Cards and Tracking Inventory through MYOB

inventory using the inventory command centre and job costing via job cards (not job codes). I want to be able to open a job/job card and assign it a number/code, book staff time/labour to the job, book inventory items/materials used to the job and then when the job is completed, press a button to close

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