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The staff at 24/7 Live chat

…like to be made know that we have nothing but the highest regard for the staff on the 24/7 live chat . Over the last two weekends we have had reason (after upgrading form an old MYOB ) to contact the live chat. Leaders and supervisors need to know that the 4 people that we have contacted namely Waaka, Glen…

Live Chat

Chat with a member of our support team (LiveChat support is available for selected products only - click to view.) First Name * Required Last Name * Required Email Address * Required MYOB Serial Number * Required What question do you have for us today? (max 255 characters) * Required --> --> Submit…

Live Chat feedback

Good evening, I am not sure the live chat function on the website is working. Twice now I have filled in the required form, on 2 different but consequtive days and no one responded. Very frustrating! When I called the help line, they told me there was no record of my log. I have had a positive experience…

Online chat?

…You can access our online help, our range of support notes, chat with an agent via live chat and much, much more. You can forward slash, support." Where is this online chat she speaks of? I have been to her URL and online chat is FICTICIOUS!

MYOB Products Live Chat

…for you? Chat with one of our team members right now, online. To get chatting, please provide us your details below and click start. First Name: Last name: Start Chatting Need more help? Need Product Support? If you have a Product Support related enquiry - please try our Support Live Chat. Community…

Live chat is a nerve wrecker

…After many attempts, I got some one come on chat line after 25 minutes. but the chat line communication keeps disconnecting almost every second not allowing me to type. the guy on the other seems no clue on this problem although i kept complaining. The chat line is a complete waste of time and pushed…

Requesting Chat session

I am trying to get a chat session going. When I click "Request Chat" button, nothing happens. No response. What's up?

Live Chat not working and more than 30 minutes wait on the phone? When can we expect the service levels to improve?

…a lot of diffculty getting it functional. The person who signed my has directed me to live chat and support requests as well as the hotline, but there is a longer than 30 min wait on the phone and live chat is not functioning and the support request is not functioning. How else can I get some assistance?…

Live Chat for LiveAccounts

Has something recently changed for LiveAccount customers as I used to be able to access Live Chat but now I cant seem to find anyway to start Live Chat unless your a MYOB Cover Customer.

The staff at 24/7 Live chat

I have been waiting 1 hour for a Live Chat ..... waht's happening MYOB

Telephone and Live Chat On hold times

Hello Am I the only one who has to wait on line for 75 mins one day, 45 minutes another day and over 1/2 hour for live chat. At one time I was advised to send and email for support. So I did that in March. It's now June and I am still waiting for a reply. It seems to me it's getting much worse.

cant access phone support or live chat. new file conversion date wrong need to deactivate asap

…that date so i need to deactivate or delete this file so i can start a new one asap as i need to process payroll. i have tried phone support, live chat and sending email but nothing. lines are too busy also i still have a subscription for myob premier going and i need to cancel that, for some reason…