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How to report on multiple criteria for a charity

Hi, I do book-keeping for a charity that receives multiple grants. These grants are for specific projects and the expenditure needs to be coded into account codes. For example, we received a grant from company ABC which was used for accom, material costs and travel. This grant was for use in country…

How to enter charity donations in MYOB and how to claim deductions from it

Hi guys, Our company has been paying AiPol Journal $324.50 quarterly. How can I enter the expense into MYOB and how to claim deductions from it? Should I set up a Donation Expense account? Many thanks!

Charity- salary sacrifice

good Morning, We are a charity, whose employees can salary sacrifice for items other than super and vehicles,( eg rent, electricity) can anyone please advise how to enter such information into Myob . Do I enter through Payroll? thanks LW

Payroll - record pay donated to charity

…their nominated charities. I'm just not sure how this should be recorded. Is it right to set up a new category in Deductions and allocate 100% of their gross wage? In addition, employees also receive allowances which are exempt from PAYG w/tax, they also donate these allowances to charity. Should I also…

Charity end of year tax receipts

…doing it from within MYOB rather than having to export to Excel and then trying to mailmerge the totals. Thinking that there are probably other charities using MYOB that may have the same issue??? Many thanks for any assistance

Payroll Giving - help your employees support a good cause

…to an employee Calculating Payroll Giving tax credits Transferring funds to the Charity Troubleshooting Payroll Giving setup Summary * Payroll Giving is a scheme that allows employees to make donations to NZ charities and claim an instant tax credit in their current pay, rather than at the end of the…

Cause and Effect | MYOB Blog

I support charities, but chiefly to avert unpleasant dentist experiences. I've supported everyone from The Big Issue to Greenpeace, but only fleetingly, haltingly and superficially. I've read a hundred times that true happiness comes from serving others. It can also be rather good for business and branding.

Recording stock donations to charities

I have been asked to donate stock to for a silent auction at a charity event. How do i record this? track the inventory and ultimately record tha transaction as a charity donation. I'm a small business with a small knowledge of accounting practices, any help would be appreciated

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