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How to enter charity donations in MYOB and how to claim deductions from it

Hi guys, Our company has been paying AiPol Journal $324.50 quarterly. How can I enter the expense into MYOB and how to claim deductions from it? Should I set up a Donation Expense account? Many thanks!

How to report on multiple criteria for a charity

Hi, I do book-keeping for a charity that receives multiple grants. These grants are for specific projects and the expenditure needs to be coded into account codes. For example, we received a grant from company ABC which was used for accom, material costs and travel. This grant was for use in country…

Charity- salary sacrifice

good Morning, We are a charity, whose employees can salary sacrifice for items other than super and vehicles,( eg rent, electricity) can anyone please advise how to enter such information into Myob . Do I enter through Payroll? thanks LW

Charity end of year tax receipts

…is needed for end of year tax receipts. I am hoping to find a way of doing it from within MYOB rather than having to export to Excel and then trying to mailmerge the totals. Thinking that there are probably other charities using MYOB that may have the same issue??? Many thanks for any assistance

Payroll - record pay donated to charity

…nominated charities. I'm just not sure how this should be recorded. Is it right to set up a new category in Deductions and allocate 100% of their gross wage? In addition, employees also receive allowances which are exempt from PAYG w/tax, they also donate these allowances to charity. Should I also…

Wanting to install MYOB on new computer for charity

…registered charity. As the records to date have been kept on MYOB I need to download the appropriate software to be able to keep the books. I have the serial number of the purchased products but cannnot see how I can download. I believe the original software was purchased in 2011 and as the charity

Recording stock donations to charities

I have been asked to donate stock to for a silent auction at a charity event. How do i record this? track the inventory and ultimately record tha transaction as a charity donation. I'm a small business with a small knowledge of accounting practices, any help would be appreciated

Entering GST refunds from ATO in Essential

Hello, I just received our Not for Profit Charity GST return from the ATO. How can I enter that income in Essential? Thank you MAry

Receipt for donation of services

Hi, We are a small charity just starting. A graphic design company helped us build the website for the charity which they would have normally charged a good amount of money but did it for free for us. How can we issue a receipt for them without putting that amount in our expenses account (as we…

Trial balance out and unknown retained earnings journal entry posted

Hi all, I'm fairly new to this MYOB but i started looking into a set of books for a charity and for some reason there is a whopper of a retained earnings posted in june 2012 for a year end adjustment so dr current year deficit/surplus credit retained earnings, however we didn't post this. please…

Install Epson tm-88iv parallel printer into retail manager software V9

…my Epson tm-88iv receipt printer to Retail Manager V9 - I select help/hardware/printer/I select the printer from the drop down menu that is cloesest to my model. I click apply then test adn nothing happens. PLEASE HELP? We are a charity organisation and we're suppose to be opening shop on Tuesday.

Separate activities

Hi guys! Quite new to the Forum and Liveaccounts, and have one question at the moment that I need advice on. UN Youth is a charity organization which runs several large events throughout the year. The various events are the main business activities of UN Youth. Although we would like to have reports…