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…feeds: * What is a bank feed? * How do I apply to use bank feeds? * My bank feed registration form is mailed to "BankLink" - who are they? * My bank account is already registered with BankLink - can I transfer the feed to MYOB? * How much does it cost to use bank feeds? * How do I know if my bank is eligible…

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Bank feeds are the best thing to happen to your accounting software since sliced bread ...or the double ledger system. Find out why MYOB BankLink gives you the best peace of mind.

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MYOB finalizes purchase of BankLink for NZ$136 million

General Ledger Detail report with GST

Can we please have a general ledger detail report that you can opt to have the GST in it (like Banklink) i.e. Gross GST Net This would make like so much easier for Accountants and the like. I know we have the GST reports, but a lot of the time a review is done account by account. Please vote for this

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…management solutions provider and we recognise that one size doesn’t fit all. So, we offer products ranging from a simple bank feeds service, MYOB Banklink, to our cloud accounting product suites, MYOB Essentials and MYOB AccountRight, through to enterprise software for more complex businesses, MYOB Exo…

MYOB and the Cloud

…a website and sell online. Our website builder puts your business online in as little as 15 minutes. * MYOB BankLink bank feeds – Our cloud accounting solutions are powered by MYOB BankLink bank feeds – ensuring the most secure, reliable and accurate client transaction data from over 100 financial…

A question of security | MYOB Blog

Advances in accounting software and data management have revolutionised the process of doing your books. One of the key benefits now available is automatically importing your bank transaction details into the new generation of MYOB accounting solutions. This cuts down on manual data entry, improves accuracy and saves you time and money. Yet some other accounting services providers are offering this convenience at the potential expense of their customers' security.

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…reconciliation. To apply for a bank feed, you need to specify your account details (exactly as they appear on your statement), and then authorise BankLink to set up a connection to your bank. You can apply for as many feeds as you like. To check if your account can be set up as a feed, see this list…