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Mac Laptop and MYOB Accounting v18

I have been using MYOB Accounting v18 on windows xp, and my computer is reaching the end of its life. Therefore I have bought a MacBook Pro (as I wanted to change over to a mac). Is it possible to use Accounting v.18 on the laptop, and transfer the data over from windows? Thanking you in…

Accounting Plus V18

…client were to get current MYOB software, then the client file which I have on Accounting Plus V18 would not be compatible. I would like to get some clarification if possible 1) Is this accurate that Accounting Plus V18 is not compatible with other MYOB programmes? 2) Can I put my MYOB software on…

Converting MYOB Accounting v18 on Windows to AccountEdge Pro on MAC

Help please. I'm thinking of buying a MacBook Air or MacBook Pro but currently use MYOB Accounting v18 for Windows. Can't find a current topic on the board for v18. It's been recommended that I buy AccountEdge Pro for MAC. The conversion is apparently easy but I was hoping someone here has already…

Accounting v18 > Accounting Plus v16.

how do i export a data base from accouting v18 to accounting plus v16?

Accounting Plus v18 Upgrade

…bought a copy of Accounting Plus v18 Upgrade to upgrade Accounting Plus 13.5. When I install this upgrade using the appropriate serial numbers and unlock code it installs as Accounting v.18 only (without the payroll module). The disc and all related material indicates Accounting Plus (with payroll).…

Myob Premier v8 to Myob Accounting Plus v18

I have some company files on an old computer that has MYOB Premier v8 and I need to put them on my laptop that has MYOB Accounting Plus v18 - is there any way to do this?

Moving older company files between Windows and Mac

…v4 Accounting v15 / Accounting Plus v15 Premier v9 AccountEdge v5 Accounting v16 / Accounting Plus v16 Premier v10 AccountEdge v6 Accounting v17 / Accounting Plus v17 Premier v11 AccountEdge v7 Accounting v18 / Accounting Plus v18 Premier v12 AccountEdge v8 Account Edge v8 Network Edition Accounting

Upgrade from Accounting Plus v18

Hi, There are some very smart people on this forum so I apologise for my very basic question. I have been using MYOB Accounting Plus v18 for the past few years, and really only use the Payroll component to do staff wages and super. I don't use any other features, so just use the basics. I need to…

Upgrading from MYOB accounting V18 to Account Right Plus v2013 - no payroll function

Hi, I have just upgraded my MYOB company file from MYOB Accounting Version 18 (without Payroll) to MYOB Account Right Plus v2013. I understood that I would have a payroll function with the upgrade but after upgrading my old company file, when I open it the file is a MYOB AccountRight Standard file…

How to convert Accountright Basics file to Accounting v18

Hi there, I have a friend whom I am helping with their accounts for a new business venture and they have created a file in Accountright basics. I am running accounting v18 (PC) and accountedge (MAC) and would really love to know how to convert to these in order to assist. Thanks

Loading Tax Tables for V18 Accounting Plus

…the new version of 'AccountRight Plus v19.0' last year. However, my accountant has not updated to this version as yet and so I'm still using the previous version, 'Account Plus v18.0'. I'm trying to finalise my FY 2009/10 accounts for a small consultancy company I own. I've just noticed that the tax…

Convert First Accounts 3.5 data file to Accounting v18

Hi, I've tried using the upgrade assistant to convert First Accounts 3.5 dat file to Account v18, but I suspect I need an earlier version of the upgrade assistant as an interim step to converting the file to Accounting v18. Can anyone assist please? Thank you