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Lost MYOB V16 disc

…find the original MYOB disc. Can I download this version from the MYOB site? How? I only need it briefly so that I can upgrade to Account Right Plus, I cannot install Account Right Plus to my current computer as incompatible with operating system. Appreciate any help. Robyn

MYOB Accounting Plus v 16

Hi All, hoping someone can help, we currently have MYOB Accounting Plus v16 and we are needing to upgrade to something that will allow multi user access. What will we need to do???? Thank You´╗┐

Accounting V16

Hello people, I purchased this some time ago, only installed it last night, the tutorial (sample company) exercise has expired (1691 days ago) is there any way of refreshing this, or is there a way of starting afresh some how?

Converting MYOB Accounting v16 on Windows to AccountEdge Basic on Mac

I have been running my company accounts on a Windows Pc for a few years using Accounting v16. I have just purchased a Mac and was told to buy MYOB AccountEdge Basic for Mac. However when I try to open my saved v16 file with AccountEdge on the Mac I get an error saying it is not an AccountEdge file.…

MYOB Accounting V16 Upgrade

…an old but unactivated copy of MYOB Accounting V16 Upgrade. I understand that when activated I will be posted the latest version of AccountRight Standard. My question is what previous versions are required to use the upgrade? On the box It just states Accounting version 4 through 15. The name of the…

Upgrade Myob Accounting Plus V16+

I have Accounting Plus v16+ and would like to upgrade to Accountright Standard, can I upgrade my current data files to this new version? Woud appreciate some help with this.

MYOB Accounting Plus V16

…market a few years back. I LOVE MYOB and it is perfect for the business I run. I basically want to buy the most up to date version of the MYOB Accounting Plus that I currently use. I don't like the Mamut software that's currently available to Irish and UK customers. I don't need or want any support…

Upgrading MYOB Accounting V16 file to Accountright Basics 2012.10au

I am trying to upgrade my Accounting V16 file to Accountright Basics 2012.10au. Is there a solution.

Accounting v18 > Accounting Plus v16.

how do i export a data base from accouting v18 to accounting plus v16?

Backward compatibility of Forms from V19 to V16

…Test Drive Pack of MYOB Account Right Premier V19 which i have used to create the FORM in. I have emailed this form file to my client which is using MYOB Accounting Plus Version 16. She have copied it into her Forms folder but the software is not recongnising it in her V16 MYOB. Is the forms created…

upgrading from Windows Accounting Plus v16 to Mac AccountingEdge v1.

HI, i finished the financial year using Windows Accounting PLus v16, now i want to begin new financial year using Mac AccountingEdge v1. Can i transfer all my company files from PC to Mac? I have tried but failed. If indeed it is not possible, can i just carry on with new financial year without transferring…

re. MYOB Accounting Plus v16+

Hi, I need some assistance with my MYOB, I need to know how to make my old MYOB files (v16+) to be 'read-only' mode as I am now using the new version of MYOB (premier19). Thank you in advance