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How can I open an Accountright Basic Company file in Account right Plus

Is it possible to open an Account right Basic company file in Account Right Plus. I have been supplied with the Account Right Basic Company File from Accountant, when I try an open and restore to it I receive an error message saying it can't open as it isn't an Account Right Plus file. Is there any way…

Open Account Right Basic file in Account Right Plus V19

Hope someone can help. I have created a new Company file in Account Right Plus V19 and I am trying to restore to a Company File from Account Right Basic. I get an error message saying 'the file you have chosen is not an account right plus company file'. How can I get around this. Thanks

upgrade from account right basic to account right plus

i thinking of upgrading just not sure i have just done a bank reconiliation of my bank account n a report as getting clode to bas time if i upgrade now what hapens to bank account that was reconciliatied as wont i lost the report?

How many computers can run Account Right Basic

How many computers can run Account Right Basic. Not on using a cloud. We want to use Account Right on 3 computers and want to know if we can Thanks

comp. freeze when trying to customise invoices. account right basic

Hi, I have just purchased account right basics, seemed to install ok, also added sp4 through update although it doesnt show anywhere. When I go to setup, customise, invoice, plain paper, then click customise the system freezes and i have to close out with cont/alt/del as nothing works. Error message…

Can Account Right Basic be converted to an Essentials file???

Hi Just bought a Macbook and realised that I can't run AccountRight Basic on this (I still have a PC but it is running slow). Is it possible to convert AccountRight Basic file to Essentials and change plan so that I can run on both Macbook and PC? Martin

Emailing Invoices from Account Right Basic 2013.5

Hi... It's me again :-) How do I email invoices from AccountRight Basic 2013.5? I go to Print/Email Invoices but it tells me I need another programme or if there is one I need to create a link. Stumped again!! Shirley_56

MYON 7 from a MAC to Latest Account right Basic Windows

Hi all I am hoping some one can help - I have the latest AccountRight Basic and want to open a database originally created on a MAC MYOB Version 7 Can anyone help...?

Installation of service pack 4 for account right basic

I recently installed service pack four and now have no data entry ability for invoices. When I open the sales data entry screen most of the input fields are missing. Does anyne know how I can fix this.

Upgrading Company File from Account Right Basics 2011.0 to Account Right Plus 2011.1

Hi, I have just upgraded from Account Right Basics 2011.0 to Account Right Plus 2011.1 and cannot upgrade the company file. An error message of "Huxley.Application has stopped working. A problem caused the program to stop working correctly" occurs. Can someone please explain how I overcome this problem

Upgrading from Business Basics to Account Right Basics

…trying to upgrade from Business Basics to Account Right Basic at the same time as changing from an old Windows XP laptop to a Windows 7 laptop. After problems trying to restore the old BB backup files onto the loaded Account Right Basic software I was sent some Account Right upgrade software which I was…

Installation of Account Right Basics (Business Basics)

Hi All (STOPPRESS - now talking with a helpful tech) I purhased MYOB Account Right Basic almost one hour ago and was transferred to tech support to assist me with loading and starting up. I am still waiting on the phone. Feel I could have loaded everything in by now. My main questions include: 1) How…

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